Above: Erin (owner of Lodekka) with my crocheted telephone “Bonjour!

I was in Portland a few months ago and found out about Lodekka from a friend. I knew immediately that I had to go and check it out even though I had a really limited time on my trip – and let me tell you, it was worth it! Lodekka is an AMAZING resale vintage clothing store that is housed in a 1965 double decker bus from England. The bus is filled with lots of vintage treats (of the clothing and accessories sort) for men and women alike.

Erin Sutherland, the owner of Lodekka, is a really wonderful lady. She has a great eye for vintage clothing and her picks for the shop are really on point. If running an awesome store is not enough to convince you that she is totally rad, she is also in a great band, The Stolen Sweets!

Here are some photos of the store (that my lovely boyfriend took):


Lodekka has recently relocated and has joined forces with Wanderlust, another cute resale shop on wheels. Nestled in a small parking lot between Pix Patisserie and Hopworks’ newest bar-topian installment, Bike Bar, the shops provide a unique shopping experience for patrons of Portland’s most up-and-coming retail and food destination.

Lodekka & Wanderlust are hosting a joint event for the grand re-opening of their new location on Friday, December 2 from 4pm – 9pm. Customers will enjoy 20% off on items in both stores, special holiday gift certificate packages and a screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

If you’re in (or going to be in) Portland on December 2, you should definitely stop by their space! Details of the new location is mentioned on the below flyer:


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love Lodekka! I visited it a few months ago with a friend :) It’s so cute. I can’t wait to see Wanderlust :)

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