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After moving my website from Tumblr recently, I have since used it to share images that inspire me and influence my style. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy having a place that embodies my ever growing mood board. You should have a peek here!

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Silhouette Art is all the rage at the moment.

Here is a great book by Vana Chupp that will give you some inspiration for your own projects. You can create your own framed pieces of your loved ones’ silhouettes, screen print them onto pillows, or cut a paper silhouette and make it into a personalized card. The ideas are only limited to your own imagination! You can purchase a copy of the book here.

For some more inspiration, check out artist Olly Moss’s silhouette art from an exhibition in LA recently at Gallery 1988. The exhibition was filled with marvelous cut outs of his favorite pop culture characters. Here is a video by Craig Shimala of the opening night of the event:


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