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A very lucky lady would have received “the best gift ever” (which was the title on my check) from her lovely fiance by now. He bought my “Bonjour!” crochet french telephone for her for Christmas, as he knew how much she had loved it after seeing it at one of the shows I had displayed the phone at.

My favorite memories of the “Bonjour!” were at the couple of shows that I displayed it at. Just seeing people’s reaction to it – mostly gasping and gawking once it had caught someones eye which was followed immediately by them grabbing the person they were with, and asking if I had made it myself – was very rewarding. There was even one time that a kid had screamed “Oh my God!!!” from the other side of the street whilst pointing and running excitedly into my booth. That kid has good eyes! I don’t even know how he saw it from that far away.

Although sad to see it go, I am SO happy at the same time that my phone now lives with a wonderful lady that adores and appreciates the 3 months of testing and intricate crocheting and knitting that went into the making of this.


Check out the costume that Steff Bomb, Nikki and I made for Threadless. Fun Stuff!


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