I really wanted to do Renegade this year but didn’t know anyone that wanted to share a booth with me. So I went on Etsy, searched for some Etsy stores that were located in Chicago, and stumbled across Soapily Ever After. I thought her soaps were super cute (and saw that she also shared a love for Ryan Gosling!). I loved the product names and the descriptions made me want to try them. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with lotions, lip balms, and products in general – my boyfriend would sometimes laugh when I brought a new lotion home and he would ask if I’m starting a collection. Ha!

Anyway, I thought I would take a stab in the dark and message Emily to see if she wanted to share a booth with me. She wrote me back the next day and said yes – so I was pretty stoked. We ended up meeting up for a drink not too long after I wrote her, and that one drink ended up being 5 or 6. I have definitely found new friend. Emily is awesome.

Above are a few of my favorite Soapily soaps. Emily has so many other great products like shampoo and conditioner bars, lotion bars, sugar scrubs etc. You can check out her stuff here, and also at Renegade right next to me!

2 Responses to Meet Soapily Ever After

  1. emily says:

    girl, you are so cute! I can’t wait for renegade!

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